Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fan's Choice Top 10 Guitar Solos

We asked our fans  to vote for the greatest guitar solo.  You voted, now see which solos made the list!

1. "Eruption" By  Eddie Van Halen

2. "Stairway To Heaven" By Jimmy Page

3. "Little Wing" Stevie Ray Vaughan

4. "Still Got The Blues" Gary Moore

5.  "Comfortably Numb"  By David Gilmour

6.  "Crazy Train" By Randy Rhoads

7. "Machine Gun" By Jimi Hendrix

8. "No More Tears" By Zakk Wylde

9. "Sultans of Swing" By Mark Knopfler

10. "Cliffs of Dover" By Eric Johnson

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