Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vintage Vibe for the Modern Player

     We will be embarking on a journey back into history through space and time to bring you all the wonderful guitars of the past ...Silvertone 1303 & 1478.

    As I discovered music and was learning everything I could about the usual suspects that are now called classic rock, I knew I had to play guitar. To this day one of my favorite guitars I have ever owned was a Silvertone. I don’t even know its model; it was just some plain Jane black Silvertone, but it was a real trooper. That poor thing was my workhorse and it went through beating after beating and kept right on playing. Silvertone guitars have such an original sound, and through a great amp there’s just nothing quite like them.

    That was what I learned my first bar chords on; I remember how difficult it seemed to be to move from one position to another. My father used to take me to my lessons on Saturday mornings and give some guy he worked with a six pack of beer a week for my half hour lesson. He had the coolest Silvertone guitar with an amp built into the case! More about that in future blogs…

    The philosophy behind the Silvertone Classic line is to respect the original vintage designs, while improving on previous manufacturing limitations through modern engineering, parts, craftsmanship and most importantly, the opinions of modern guitar players. Cool vintage vibe for today’s player!

    These new and improved Classic Silvertone 1478 and 1303 models have been revamped for the modern player in mind. With both guitars featuring mahogany bodies and the 1478 with an original Bigsby tremolo these are truly guitars to get exited about!

    Just like the original back in 1958, the 1303/U2 & 1478 circa 1963, these Silvertones offer a unique sound and playing experience. The new Classic Silvertone models will inspire you to express yourself the same way as the rock icons that played the originals did.

Written by Joe B.