Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ludwig Breakbeats by Questlove Drum kit Review

This kit has a really nice wrap on the shells. Looks like some one spent time to make it look like a thousand dollar wrap.

Comes with 7x10 and 13x13 toms, 14x16 kick, and 5x14 snare.

Also comes with nice velvet bags which can be used for storage or when your in need of a damping system. The velvet storage bags act as a muffling system that cuts the sound down just enough to hear and feel the dynamics of the the kit. 

Has 7 ply hardwood, and 45 degree angle bearing edge.

The Kick has a really huge sound right out of the box to be a 14x16... wow. Even with factory stock heads, it sounds huge. Most pro drummers can tell how well a kit is made if it sounds pretty decent with cheap heads. Toms have a really nice overtone, very jazzy sounding.  The snare is very light in physical feel, but cracks if you give it the tender love it needs, with a new head and a little tuning. For the price of $399, you can't beat the sound. A little kit packed with explosive sound!

Available in Black Sparkle and White Sparkle. Kits starting at $399.

Click Image to see Demo Video
Written By Mike

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BC Rich Gunslinger Review

Enter the BC Rich Gunslinger.  With a light basswood body, sturdy maple neck, locking nut, and an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, this guitar is perfect for letting your hair down and rocking out.

 A single Duncan Design humbucker in the bridge position provides just enough output to drive your amp without muddling up the notes in your chords.  When playing with distortion, clarity is always important and this guitar offers you just that.  

            Rocking can really take its toll on a guitar.  When you’re strumming hard and struttin’ your stuff, a Floyd Rose Special bridge paired with a locking nut gives you the tuning stability you need, with the dive bombs that you deserve.  The Jumbo frets allow for smooth playability, and they’re level enough to slam the action and still get those big step and a half bends.

So if you’re looking for a screaming guitar with good playability, and more importantly, affordability, then this is the guitar to pick up.

Available in Yellow and Burn Orange. Kits Starting at $349.99.