Friday, February 8, 2013

The 15 Greatest Guitar Players You May Have Missed!

OK kids, this week I want to throw some of my favorite lesser known guitar players at you and see what you think about these extremely gifted gents.  Some of these names are better known than others, but you should definitely check out their work.

There are so many great players in local clubs right now around the globe that may never become known to the public, but will never stop or give up, because it’s what defines them.

Get up, get out and support LIVE MUSIC in your community!!!

This is in no particular order and I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10.  Trust me check them out!
Click Here to listen to songs from these artists 
  1. Danny Gatton-Listen to his album “Cruisin’ Deuces"
  2. Buck Dharma-Check out Blue Oyster Cult’s album  “On Your Feet, Or On Your Knees “
  3. Al Di Meola-Listen to “Elegant Gypsy”, “Casino” or “Friday night in San Francisco”
  4. Michael Schenker-U.F.O.’s  “Strangers in the Night”
  5. Mark Knopfler-Listen to Dire Straits’,  “Making Movies”
  6. Gary Moore-Listen to Thin Lizzy’s  “Black Rose”, “Corridors of Power”, “Still Got the Blues”
  7. Andy Timmons-Listen to “That Was Then, This is Now”
  8. Terry Kath-Check out anything by Chicago
  9. Joe Bonamassa-Listen to his work with Jason Bonham on “Black Country Communion”
  10. Jake E Lee-Listen to Ozzy Osbourne ‘s “Bark at the Moon” and “Badlands”
  11. Elliot Easton-Listen to anything by The Cars
  12. Gary Richrath-Listen to REO Speedwagon’s “You Get What You Play For”
  13. Jimmy Lyon-Listen to Eddie Money’s album- “Eddie Money” or “Playin for Keeps”
  14. Paul Gilbert-Check out the bands Racer X, Mr.Big or any of his solo work
  15. Phil X-Listen to Phil X and The Drills’ “Kick Your Ass in 17 Minutes”,  he has also recorded with many other artists you will know. 

Those are my top 15,  hope you enjoy the list.  Comment below and let us know who your favorite guitarists are. Be sure to check out

Written By Joe B